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An Introduction to Online Keno

March 20th, 2012


Keno is a lottery styled game that has been popular for centuries ever since it was introduced to America by Chinese immigrants in the mid 1800s. The game is very simple, based purely on luck without the need to learn any strategy or skills. Small wonder then, that this game finds favor with recreational players and professional gamblers alike. Keno has been a favorite with traditional casino players since it provides the opportunity to net a big win with relatively small bets. As the casino industry went online, keno was carried into the virtual world. Today, we can enjoy online keno at any time from anywhere with just a click of the mouse.


The popularity of online Keno has grown over the past few years as technology advanced and sophisticated graphics came into being. In a traditional Keno game, you mark a minimum of four numbers on a keno card, up to a maximum of ten or, depending on the casino, it could be up to fifteen numbers.  Then twenty numbers are randomly called out of a total of 80. If any of the called numbers match those you selected, you might be a winner depending on how many you got right.


This same traditional game of Keno is presented online. Gone are the paper ticket and the pen to mark the numbers. Online, you get the image of a ticket on the screen. To select your numbers on a virtual keno ticket you simply click on your chosen numbers. Online games have made things very simple and convenient – you don’t even need to move out of your house to play at the casino. All you need is a computer with internet access so that you can select the online casino to play keno.


Betting at keno at a casino involved going to the Keno booth and placing your bet. When you finished selecting the numbers, you handed over the ticket to a “Keno Runner” who is a casino employee entrusted with the job of collecting the marked tickets. Online keno is none of these things – you simply mark your tickets and place your bets. The rest of the process happens automatically.


With online keno, it is possible to play free games. Besides, the games play out quicker than at the traditional casino. At the land based casino, you can play a maximum of six games within an hour. Online, you can play up to 30 times that number. This fast pace makes online keno much more exciting to the player. Additionally, there are animated graphics and sounds that make the game interesting.


The quick pace of the game is all right if you are playing simply for fun, without money being involved. However, the situation changes if you play keno for real money. When playing for real money, you must be extra cautious even though you could play several times the number of games than at the casino. Online, just as you can play faster, you could lose money at a faster pace. Although the fun and excitement online is much more intense, perhaps your bankroll will not last long enough.


Online keno is no doubt an exciting casino game , but you need to be careful when you play for real money. The fun money or free games offered by online casinos are a great way to get a feel of how things work online. You’ll also find all reputed online casinos offering the game of keno, both free as well as real money games. All you must do is find the perfect online casino to play at to enjoy the best of the keno games on offer.

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